We are nerdbird

Operating at the intersection of Creativity and Logic,
Nerdbird helps bring your vision to life through strategic planning, creative thinking and smart design.
Our right brain/left brain approach helps us uncover the values, culture and emotions that drive your business.

We believe


A GOOD BRAND is more than just a logo or a name;
it’s an emotional connection that lives and evolves in the minds and hearts of
your potential clients.

core values

never stop learning

Information allows us to grow as people. What was true yesterday may not be true tomorrow.  Whether it’s business, life, or health, knowledge is key to a healthy balance and growth.

be your best

Life gives us plenty of opportunity to fail… Making a choice to look past the mountain and see what’s on the other side is what sets us apart. Make a choice to be your best today and everyday.

always give back

One of the most important parts of simply being human is getting involved and supporting your local community. What ever your passion, reach out and make a difference.

WE understand that it’s a very complicated & noisy world out there


nerdbird is here to help you sort through that noise
partnering with you to Grow your business.